Monday, 26 January 2009

A new week = new pictures

Here are my next batch of photographs for Project 365. I am, yet again, behind!

Day 26 - Monday. The first job of the morning is to change all the reading books for my class and remove letters, homework and lunch money from their book bags.

Day 25 - Sunday I spent the afternoon teaching Grace to knit. She is making a scarf in basic knit stitch. We will progress on to purl. Not too many drop stitches!

Day 24 -Saturday This is my lovely cat Daisy. She is trying to hypnotise me into giving her more biscuits. Something she does every evening! Doesn't she look serious.

Day 23 Friday TGIF! This is a picture of our trays at work. Mine is usually full to the brim! I must tidy it out more.

Day 22 - Thursday Weigh in day at salsa. I lost 2lbs this week. I thought I would illustrate this with 2lbs of fat!

Day 21 - Wednesday Every morning it is the TA's job to lay up the trays with milk and juice ready for morning break.

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