Saturday, 27 June 2009

Out & About

June 27 The Oxfordshire Children's Food Festival - We had a lovely day out at the Food Festival. There was loads of hands on things for the kids to do. They have just eaten the pasta they made. It was very yummy! The picture shows Duncan's chef hat after he got Raymond Blanc to sign it. What a lovely man he is. Duncan and Raymond shared their love of moules. We also spoke to his Chef Patissier - Benoir Blin, who promised, that when Duncan has his own restaurant, to come and work for him! They also met Sophie Grigson & Stefan Gates (Gastronut).

June 26 What else could I put up for today? No matter what you think of the man you can't deny his music was fantastic. Who could forget the Thriller video? And we have all tried to moonwalk in our socks, unsuccessfully!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's a Wrap

June 25th Victorian Day at school. This is one of my fellow TAs dressed as a soldier from the Boer War. He was fantastic and had the children doing drill in the playground. He was full of tales of Dr Livingston, Brunel & Florence Nightingale. He was a star. The children & staff were all dressed in "Victorian" clothes. We had very strict lessons and the Inspector came to check on our school. I have taken loads of pics. which, unfortunately I can't share with you. But, I am looking forward to scrapping them all.

June 24th The sunflowers are sprouting. Grace's are taller than mine but she did choose the giant sunflowers! I chose some lovely orangy-brown ones. Duncan's chillis are teeny.

June 23 I know you have been waiting for an update on the crocodile. Here he is wrapped in mod-roc. He look great. The plant pots in his back will be filled when he is finished.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Books Galore!

June 22 We are busy getting the new school library ready for it's grand opening. A group of us stayed back after school to add new tickets and stamp with the school name. We have some gorgeous new books. The illustrations are lovely. More to sort tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

My little girl has grown up!

Another lovely weekend. It was Father's Day today. Mark did very well with pressies & his treat was to go and see "Looking for Eric" with a friend. We had a wander around Oxford and met up at Starbucks later.

June 21st My little girl is all grown up. We went to M&S for a bra fitting and bought four bras. They are a lot nicer than my first bra.

June 20th I finally manged to get Jake's haircut. He is quite happy with it and has been throwing a lot of product at it!

June 19th Mark finished his meeting in London early so we met him off the train in Oxford and went for ice-creams. I love that you can just see Mark & Gracie in the background.

June 18th We had badminton coaching at school today. The children had great fun. It was a lovely sunny day and it was a pleasure supervising.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wet & Windy

What a wild and windy day. The wind makes the children in class very restless so today was quite eventful and very tiring.

June 17th I was so ready for this coffee. I needed the extra caffeine boost to keep me going. The kids fancied a treat too.

June 16th A new phone at last. I am getting in a bit of a pickle with it though. It is quite different from my old one. I couldn't find the space when I was doing messages so I had+to+do+it+like+this! I needed to get instructions from an 11 year old.
June 15th How cool is this crocodile? One of the TAs and a Mum at school have made this framework ready for the kids to mod-roc. It is to go in our jungle garden that we are producing for a town/schools gardening competition. I will keep you updated.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

June is not always flaming

OK update two. Scroll down to the bottom again and struggle upwards. You will probably need another cup of coffee now......and a biscuit.

June 14th A pretty flower amongst the jungle which is our garden.

June 13th Duncan becomes a pirate for the school fair. He has gone to bed with the paint still on.

June 12th My second submission for

June 11th We planted sunflower seeds with BBC Radio 2's sow along. Duncan thought flowers were a bit girly so he did red hot chilli peppers.

June 10th I love Dandelions. I know they are weeds but they are so delicate.

June 9th A trip to Cogges Farm. They were a lot of pigs. We thought this one looked funny. A sort of punk pig.

June 8th My head still hurts!

June 7th Grace wins a gold trophy for a team judo competition.

June 6th A Day in A&E after tripping over in the dark and landing on my head. Broke my lovely new glasses. Luckily my head was not broken.

June 5th I noticed the price of petrol is sneaking back up again. Back over £1 per litre.

June 4th Council and Euro elections. It was not a good day for the labour party.

June 3rd New glasses for everyone. It cost me a small fortune. But everyone looks very smart. Jake and Grace had designer frames and took ages choosing.

June 2nd. Back to school. We had a clay day so it was rather messy. The theme was aliens.

Flaming June

Part 1

Pour yourself a mug of coffee and make yourself comfy. Part 1 of Project 365 is loaded. Scroll all the way to the bottom and read upwards.

June 1st My beautiful Evelyn rosebush has flowered. It was planted in memory of my Mum and was given to me by Jacqueline on my first Mother's Day without her.

May 31st The potatoes are growing madly in all this sunshine.

May 30th Duncan catches a wave at Tenby.

May 29th Breakfast by the beach in Mumbles.

May 28th Crossing the Severn Bridge.

May 27th My submission for I made lots of different flowers.

May 26th Time to let the butterflies go. They were beautiful Painted Ladies.

May 25th Pavlova at Big Duncan's Birthday BBQ.

May 24th Grace and I went for a lovely walk in the Bluebell Woods at North Leigh. They were a bit beyond their best but we found some nice ones.

May 23rd A trip to Stoke Mandeville hospital after a phonecall from Scout Camp. They took him to A&E with a suspected broken hand. Luckily it was just tendon damage and he was able to go back to camp.

May 22nd I dropped the boys off at Oxfordshire's Zodiac Camp in Thame. They are camping for the whole weekend. The weather is looking good.

May 21st All the caterpillars are in their cocoons and just about ready to emerge.

May 20th May Dancing on Church Green.

May 19th We finally get our Swine Flu leaflets!

May 18th I am busy using my magnetic letters with my Reading Quest pupil. She is loving all the games.

May 17th Dinner out with Dave, Clea and baby Sophie. The boys argued over who was going to push the pram. They both adore babies.

May 16th Banana Frog Day @ Paperarts. I will post my album when I finish it.

May 15th Guitar lessons tonight for Jake & Grace. Grace has just started and is already dreaming of her first band.

May 14th My bike is already for action now that the sun is out.

May 13th My first day on my Reading Quest course. It was lots of fun. I came away with lots of ideas.