Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's a Wrap

June 25th Victorian Day at school. This is one of my fellow TAs dressed as a soldier from the Boer War. He was fantastic and had the children doing drill in the playground. He was full of tales of Dr Livingston, Brunel & Florence Nightingale. He was a star. The children & staff were all dressed in "Victorian" clothes. We had very strict lessons and the Inspector came to check on our school. I have taken loads of pics. which, unfortunately I can't share with you. But, I am looking forward to scrapping them all.

June 24th The sunflowers are sprouting. Grace's are taller than mine but she did choose the giant sunflowers! I chose some lovely orangy-brown ones. Duncan's chillis are teeny.

June 23 I know you have been waiting for an update on the crocodile. Here he is wrapped in mod-roc. He look great. The plant pots in his back will be filled when he is finished.


deb said...

Lovely photos Joy. The Victorian day at school sounds great. Love the old soldier!

Coffeedoff said...

Wow what a good way to bring history to life, for the children! Love the croc.