Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wet & Windy

What a wild and windy day. The wind makes the children in class very restless so today was quite eventful and very tiring.

June 17th I was so ready for this coffee. I needed the extra caffeine boost to keep me going. The kids fancied a treat too.

June 16th A new phone at last. I am getting in a bit of a pickle with it though. It is quite different from my old one. I couldn't find the space when I was doing messages so I had+to+do+it+like+this! I needed to get instructions from an 11 year old.
June 15th How cool is this crocodile? One of the TAs and a Mum at school have made this framework ready for the kids to mod-roc. It is to go in our jungle garden that we are producing for a town/schools gardening competition. I will keep you updated.


Minty Magic said...

Wow that is a fantastic crocodile - can't wait to see it finished.

Coffeedoff said...

Super Croc!

Karen said...

This is fantastic. What a super idea.