Sunday, 14 June 2009

June is not always flaming

OK update two. Scroll down to the bottom again and struggle upwards. You will probably need another cup of coffee now......and a biscuit.

June 14th A pretty flower amongst the jungle which is our garden.

June 13th Duncan becomes a pirate for the school fair. He has gone to bed with the paint still on.

June 12th My second submission for

June 11th We planted sunflower seeds with BBC Radio 2's sow along. Duncan thought flowers were a bit girly so he did red hot chilli peppers.

June 10th I love Dandelions. I know they are weeds but they are so delicate.

June 9th A trip to Cogges Farm. They were a lot of pigs. We thought this one looked funny. A sort of punk pig.

June 8th My head still hurts!

June 7th Grace wins a gold trophy for a team judo competition.

June 6th A Day in A&E after tripping over in the dark and landing on my head. Broke my lovely new glasses. Luckily my head was not broken.

June 5th I noticed the price of petrol is sneaking back up again. Back over £1 per litre.

June 4th Council and Euro elections. It was not a good day for the labour party.

June 3rd New glasses for everyone. It cost me a small fortune. But everyone looks very smart. Jake and Grace had designer frames and took ages choosing.

June 2nd. Back to school. We had a clay day so it was rather messy. The theme was aliens.

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Coffeedoff said...

Wow Joy what a busy life you lead. Great photos.