Sunday, 21 June 2009

My little girl has grown up!

Another lovely weekend. It was Father's Day today. Mark did very well with pressies & his treat was to go and see "Looking for Eric" with a friend. We had a wander around Oxford and met up at Starbucks later.

June 21st My little girl is all grown up. We went to M&S for a bra fitting and bought four bras. They are a lot nicer than my first bra.

June 20th I finally manged to get Jake's haircut. He is quite happy with it and has been throwing a lot of product at it!

June 19th Mark finished his meeting in London early so we met him off the train in Oxford and went for ice-creams. I love that you can just see Mark & Gracie in the background.

June 18th We had badminton coaching at school today. The children had great fun. It was a lovely sunny day and it was a pleasure supervising.


deb said...

Another great bunch of photos Joy! My daughter loves G & D's in Oxford - so we always have to pop in when we visit her. Those bras are so pretty and what is it with boys and their hair gel? We get through tons of it in our house!

Coffeedoff said...

Love the shuttlecock photo.