Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A busy week ahead

A very busy week ahead. Lots to do, places to be and people to see.........
May 12th - May Dancing is next week so it was out with the practice pole. We are making progress. The children love it and make up for lack of skill with their enthusiasm!

May 11th SATs - Gracie started her week of SATs with Science. She headed off with her various mascots, a bottle of water and a packet of polos. She said it wasn't too bad. I am sure she will do well.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

I wish it was a bank holiday tomorrow!

Sunday night again. Where does the weekend go? I am catching up with my blog while watching Heartbeat. I have recorded ER to watch later - the ones with George Clooney in them. I can't wait!

Sunday 10th May - Cardmaking I spent the afternoon making cards for Quick Cards Made Easy. Here is a sneaky peek. I had to do 15 invitations! Five for a child's birthday party, five for a picnic/BBQ and five for a drinks/dinner party. I used lots of Basic Grey - Lime Rickey.

May 9th -Noodle Boy Dad dropped in on his way back from Cornwall. He had walked 50 miles in in 6 days around the Cornish Coast. We went for dinner at Wagamama

May 8th - Super Speller Duncan is doing so well with his weekly spellings. His dyslexia means he doesn't always find it easy. He was delighted to bring home another certificate. His IEP review is next week. I am looking forward to hearing his progress.

May 7th - Salsa We did an extra long class today. I was pleased to report that I have been able to buy new jeans - a size smaller!

May 6th - Metamorphosis Our classroom caterpillars have started to cling to the top of the jar. The cocoon building is underway. It won't be long until we have to transfer them to the net.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Books and new shoes.

May 5th - Reading group tonight at my house. I was naughty as I haven't finished the book yet. I had got caught up in two other ones! I will finish it in a couple of evenings though. It is very good but a bit bleak. We need to choose some happy books!

May 4th - New shoes for Jake. Actually he did get two pairs. We went to Bicester Village so that he could get them from the Vans shop. He managed to get an all black pair so that he could wear them for school and these ones for casual. It was our lucky day as they had an extra 20% off. He is now in 10 1/2 's . His shoe size may shortly pass his age!

Monday, 4 May 2009

May at last and up to date!

Yes I am up to date. Well I will be once I have uploaded today's pic.

May 3rd - Duncan made pudding for us. Biscuit base, strawberry angel delight and choccy buttons on top. It was delicious. He wants to make a cake for my reading group coming round. He dreams of being a chef and would like to train with Jamie Oliver.

May 2nd - The church ran a free car wash with tea and cakes while you waited. Jake and Duncan had great fun. They were wetter than the cars. They did around 37 cars altogether. Not bad in 3 hours.

May 1st - The boy has had his haircut. We were starting to think we would have to take him to the poodle parlour. He had hot chocolate with cream, which you can see on his nose!

April - Project 365

And now the next installment in the big catch up - April. Scroll down to the bottom to start from April 1st.

April 30th - Sorting out photographs. I must back them up tomorrow. I am trying to be good and remember once a month.

April 29th - I treated myself to some new toys. Fiskars border punch - apron lace. Although I think it should be called knicker trim! I also got the Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

April 28th - My new Good Food Magazine arrived. I must book up for the Good Food Show. Duncan is desperate to go.

April 27th - I finished off this page, which includes a flip album which sits in a pocket.

April 26th - A new CD. I heard Melody on Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4). I fell in love with her voice. This is one for the car so that I can sing a long.

April 25th - I taught a class at North Leigh. We did two interactive pages. This page folded out and included 28 pictures.

April 24th - Gracie's flying fingers. I wish I could type as quickly as she does. I still use two fingers.

April 23rd - Y9 Parent's Evening. I was so proud of Rosie. She has had all her subject choices approved and she is predicted A* in eveything. Which she says is a bit daunting. But I am sure she will do well.

April 22nd - His haircut is booked for the weekend. The curls are going.

April 21st - Gracie gets a haircut. She was desperate for a fringe and she has now got one.

April 20th - Rosie goes wild on the drums. She is teaching herself and she is sounding good. I hope the neighbours agree!

April 18th - Fritillary Sunday at Ducklington. The annual viewing of the fields of fritillaries. There were more this year than ever before. It must be all this warm weather.

April 17th - Duncan donned his chef hat and cooked us butternut squash muffins - yummy. He put the last of the mini eggs on top.

April 17th - The kitchen planning continues. The units are going to be from IKEA.

April 16th - The sun came out so I thought I would get busy with the washing and hang it all on the line. Loving the new lavender wash tabs.

April 15th - That hair just gets bigger and bigger.

March 14th - Grace and Elizabeth pose in their new sunglasses. Cool.........

April 13th - The cousins come for the day. I managed to get them to pose for Grampa.

April 12th - Easter Sunday and a lovely choccy egg from Mark.

April 11th - Had a play with my new Cricut cartridge.

April 10th - Rosie decorated her new room with lots of posters from Kerrang.

April 9th - Off to salsa class. I get so hot, it is really energetic & need lots of water.

April 8th - Rosie's birthday present finally arrives. A digital drum kit. Unfortunately the headphones were missing.

April 7th - Grace did a judo course. She looks a bit fierce!

April 6th - A trip to Moo-Moos with the girls. We went to see "Marley & Me" and then had lunch at Wagamama. Then it was off to Primark for some serious shopping.

April 5th - Donna's "100 Eyelets or die" class. The coffee was from Donna!

April 4th - Me with Donna Downey. She is lovely, really down to earth and great fun.

April 3rd - First night at Scrapfever with Vicki and my new friend Lynne.

April 2nd - We had a leaving party at the Beadles for the German girls. The 10 days have gone so quickly.

April 1st - We have had an egg decorating competition at school.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Project 365 March

The big catch up. This is March up to date. Scroll down to the bottom and work your way up.

March 31st Jake used his pocket money to get a custom built skateboard. He spends all day learning new tricks.

March 30th Duncan saying goodbye as he goes off on his first residential.

March 29th We took all the German girls bowling.

March 28th Rosie's birthday and a trip to Camden Market.

March 27th Guitar lessons tonight for Grace & Jake

March 26th Indie sunning herself on the dining table.

March 25th The vacumn cleaner. Lots of cleaning and tidying in readiness for Rosie's German exchange partner.

March 24th This little duck was wandering around outside school this morning.

March 23rd Spring is here. There is blossom everywhere.

March 22nd Mother's Day

March 21st All day crop at Paperarts. I bought a program so that I can have a go at digi-scrapping.

March 20th We won the reading corner prize. I am looking forward to choosing the new books.

March 19th Tulips look even better when they start to droop.

March 18th Ducks on the river on the walk over the meadows.

March 17th School trip to see Ian Beck - a book illustrator and writer.

March 16th Scouts tonight and I need to sew on Rosie's badges.

March 15th Daffodils at the church.

March 14th Cake and milkshake at The Pottery.

March 13th Red Nose Day.

March 12th Duncan did a sponsored bounce at trampoline. He dressed as a clown. His red nose would not stay on!

March 11th At cubs there was a Mother's Tea Party. Duncan's six had green as their theme. The cakes had fantastic green icing on them - yummy.

March 10th We are having a competition at school to make a reading corner. The best class gets £50 to spend on new books. We are doing an underwater theme.

March 9th Our new book for reading group.

March 8th A trip to the supermarket.