Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Books and new shoes.

May 5th - Reading group tonight at my house. I was naughty as I haven't finished the book yet. I had got caught up in two other ones! I will finish it in a couple of evenings though. It is very good but a bit bleak. We need to choose some happy books!

May 4th - New shoes for Jake. Actually he did get two pairs. We went to Bicester Village so that he could get them from the Vans shop. He managed to get an all black pair so that he could wear them for school and these ones for casual. It was our lucky day as they had an extra 20% off. He is now in 10 1/2 's . His shoe size may shortly pass his age!


deb said...

Joy I like the way you shot the book photo. Mine always look a bit boring just from the front - may have to give this angle a try now!

Joy said...

Thanks Deb. I take quite a few pics of my reading matter so i was just trying something different.