Monday, 4 May 2009

April - Project 365

And now the next installment in the big catch up - April. Scroll down to the bottom to start from April 1st.

April 30th - Sorting out photographs. I must back them up tomorrow. I am trying to be good and remember once a month.

April 29th - I treated myself to some new toys. Fiskars border punch - apron lace. Although I think it should be called knicker trim! I also got the Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

April 28th - My new Good Food Magazine arrived. I must book up for the Good Food Show. Duncan is desperate to go.

April 27th - I finished off this page, which includes a flip album which sits in a pocket.

April 26th - A new CD. I heard Melody on Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4). I fell in love with her voice. This is one for the car so that I can sing a long.

April 25th - I taught a class at North Leigh. We did two interactive pages. This page folded out and included 28 pictures.

April 24th - Gracie's flying fingers. I wish I could type as quickly as she does. I still use two fingers.

April 23rd - Y9 Parent's Evening. I was so proud of Rosie. She has had all her subject choices approved and she is predicted A* in eveything. Which she says is a bit daunting. But I am sure she will do well.

April 22nd - His haircut is booked for the weekend. The curls are going.

April 21st - Gracie gets a haircut. She was desperate for a fringe and she has now got one.

April 20th - Rosie goes wild on the drums. She is teaching herself and she is sounding good. I hope the neighbours agree!

April 18th - Fritillary Sunday at Ducklington. The annual viewing of the fields of fritillaries. There were more this year than ever before. It must be all this warm weather.

April 17th - Duncan donned his chef hat and cooked us butternut squash muffins - yummy. He put the last of the mini eggs on top.

April 17th - The kitchen planning continues. The units are going to be from IKEA.

April 16th - The sun came out so I thought I would get busy with the washing and hang it all on the line. Loving the new lavender wash tabs.

April 15th - That hair just gets bigger and bigger.

March 14th - Grace and Elizabeth pose in their new sunglasses. Cool.........

April 13th - The cousins come for the day. I managed to get them to pose for Grampa.

April 12th - Easter Sunday and a lovely choccy egg from Mark.

April 11th - Had a play with my new Cricut cartridge.

April 10th - Rosie decorated her new room with lots of posters from Kerrang.

April 9th - Off to salsa class. I get so hot, it is really energetic & need lots of water.

April 8th - Rosie's birthday present finally arrives. A digital drum kit. Unfortunately the headphones were missing.

April 7th - Grace did a judo course. She looks a bit fierce!

April 6th - A trip to Moo-Moos with the girls. We went to see "Marley & Me" and then had lunch at Wagamama. Then it was off to Primark for some serious shopping.

April 5th - Donna's "100 Eyelets or die" class. The coffee was from Donna!

April 4th - Me with Donna Downey. She is lovely, really down to earth and great fun.

April 3rd - First night at Scrapfever with Vicki and my new friend Lynne.

April 2nd - We had a leaving party at the Beadles for the German girls. The 10 days have gone so quickly.

April 1st - We have had an egg decorating competition at school.

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deb said...

WOW Joy - I love all of these photos for April - they really show a great slice of your family life. I like the way you get so close up - I am trying to do that more but not always succeeding. It must have taken you ages to load them! They are all so good I cannot choose a fave.