Thursday, 12 March 2009

The missing weeks!

March 7th - We spent the day scrapbooking and had a takeaway. Carol impressed us with her napkin folding.

March 6th - It has been a busy week and this little boy is tired.

March 5th - One of my favourite costumes from yesterday.

March 4th - My activities for World Book Day included making Lola biscuits.

March 3rd - How can you resist that kiss!

March 2nd - My BFF is Jacqueline

March 1st - A walk in the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Feb. 28th - Paperarts 12 hour crop. I made a start on my St. Ives album.

Feb.27th - the source of my morning fix. If it is good enough for George Clooney.....

Feb.26th - Preparing for book day with my favourite books.

Feb. 25th Time Flies - but not when you are teaching time!

Feb. 24th Stash box - A lovely box of new stash arrives - yummy

Feb. 23rd Spring at last - snowdrops in the school garden

Feb. 22nd. Ironing the worst bit of returning from holiday-the laundry.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

St Ives part 2

The rest of the week. I did actually take 350 photographs, so narrowing them down took quite a while!
Feb. 21st - Every year we take a sunset picture of all the adults & children on our week away. This is the adults taken by the children.

Feb. 20th - There are always lovely daffodils on sale in St. Ives. Mark always buys me a couple of bunches.

Feb. 19th - Playing in the surf. Duncan is very light and Jake is always carrying him off somewhere.

Feb. 18th - Don't leave your boys to make their own entertainment on the beach!

A week in St. Ives

The first half of the week.
Feb. 17th - Sing-a-long Mama Mia night was a highlight of our holiday. We all had a good laugh singing loudly and, in my case, out of tune.

Feb. 16th - Grace playing in the surf. It was sunny but the water was COLD!

Feb. 15th - I could wake up every morning to that view. St. Ives harbour. Look how sunny it was.

Feb. 14th - I left Mark a little message in the sand. Luckily he saw it before the tide came in.

Feb. 9th onwards

I got really far behind because I did not have access to the internet when I was away. I managed to use my time to knit socks instead! Not quite finished yet.

Feb. 13th - Another loo roll card. I love making these.

Feb. 12th - snowflake wall display at school.

Feb. 11th - It is still quite snowy & icy around town. Poor ducks they must be frozen.

Feb. 10th - Another card for someone at work. It is made from loo rolls again.

Feb. 9th - Coffee at Costa. They are getting ready for Valentine Day. I posterized the image on because I took the photo on my camera and it was pants!

Feb. 8th - a little sign of love I left on my husband's car. It made my finger very cold!