Sunday, 1 March 2009

Feb. 9th onwards

I got really far behind because I did not have access to the internet when I was away. I managed to use my time to knit socks instead! Not quite finished yet.

Feb. 13th - Another loo roll card. I love making these.

Feb. 12th - snowflake wall display at school.

Feb. 11th - It is still quite snowy & icy around town. Poor ducks they must be frozen.

Feb. 10th - Another card for someone at work. It is made from loo rolls again.

Feb. 9th - Coffee at Costa. They are getting ready for Valentine Day. I posterized the image on because I took the photo on my camera and it was pants!

Feb. 8th - a little sign of love I left on my husband's car. It made my finger very cold!

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