Monday, 4 May 2009

May at last and up to date!

Yes I am up to date. Well I will be once I have uploaded today's pic.

May 3rd - Duncan made pudding for us. Biscuit base, strawberry angel delight and choccy buttons on top. It was delicious. He wants to make a cake for my reading group coming round. He dreams of being a chef and would like to train with Jamie Oliver.

May 2nd - The church ran a free car wash with tea and cakes while you waited. Jake and Duncan had great fun. They were wetter than the cars. They did around 37 cars altogether. Not bad in 3 hours.

May 1st - The boy has had his haircut. We were starting to think we would have to take him to the poodle parlour. He had hot chocolate with cream, which you can see on his nose!

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