Sunday, 10 January 2010

On a roll........

I got on a bit of a roll and did some of September as well.

Sept. 10th Mummy Tins for Halloween. I have been getting them ready for posting on the IACW blog.

Sept. 9th Paul Klee style posters at school. Each child had to do their name. They came out really well the children were delighted with them.

Sept. 8th Boo Tins for the IACW blog. These will sit on my window ledge on Halloween.

Sept. 7th A page of my card designs in Quick Cards made Easy.

Sept. 6th Wolverhampton Marathon. My lovely friend Mark did his first marathon today. He raised money for Prostrate Cancer Research in memry of his Dad. We were very proud of him.

Sept. 5th Charlbury Street Fair. Rosie got this great design painted on her face.

Sept. 4th The cloakroom at school full of coats once more after a long summer holiday.

Sept. 3rd My new Year 2 class and their lovely new teacher Miss Grantham.

Sept. 2nd Duncan is back to school. I can't believe he is in Year 5. It only seemed like 5 minutes ago that he started school.

Sept. 1st Grace is off to Secondary School. She was up early and very excited. I am sure she is going to have a fantastic year.

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