Sunday, 2 August 2009


I know, I know! Yes, it has been a long time but the end of term was so busy and then we were straight into the holidays. Excuses, excuses. However, here we go. I would scroll down to the bottom and work your way up.

Aug. o2 It's a Creative World submission

This is the first of my projects for the month of August on I am going to make a few others in patterned fabric. I have a yummy stash of Cath Kidson lovliness.

Aug. 01 New Shoes

I treated myself to some new Crocs for my holidays. I know they are the world's ugliest shoes but, they are so comfortable. I also got a light purple pair.

July 31 A spot of shopping
I got Grace's new school trousers. I did not want to wait any longer in case the shops ran out of uniform stuff. Her legs have got so long. I think we only need a new satchel now. One that is trendy enough has not been found yet!

July3o Dusting down the sewing machine

I got out the sewing machine ready for my IACW submission. It needed a bit of dusting!

July 29 Stash shopping

These papers are such great summer colours. Can't wait to use them.

July 28 A Delivery from Amazon

I ordered these books at 4.30pm one day and they were with us by 8.00am the next day. How do they do that?

July 28 Road Trip

It is a round journey of 124 miles to visit my sister and her family - and she is our closest relative. We had great fun watching old video clips of the girls when they were babies. However, I couldn't help crying when I saw video of my Mum and know what she has missed in seeing her 6 grandchildren grow up. She would have been so proud of what they have all achieved in their own ways.

July 26 New Car - well new to us!

Mark chose an Audi. It seems strange seeing it on the driveway.

July 25 Washing

It seems to be never ending. I am sure there are neighbours sneaking in and adding to the pile. You don't want to know what the ironing pile looks like!

July 24 Brighton Beach

Brighton beach is the epitomy of the British beach. It wasn't even sunny, but I bravely sat on my deckchair and enjoyed the view.

July 23 Wedding Anniversary #15

How did those 15 years go by so quickly? It seems a lifetime yet, only moments ago.

July 22 Ears

Grace got her ears pierced today. She said it stung a bit but she was very brave. Six weeks of care now until she can take them out.

July 21 Harry Potter

A trip to the movies today to see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." It was very long and I did nod off in the first half! I had just had a late night, it was warm, it was dark.........

July 20 Invested

Grace is now officially a Scout. She got invested at the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall. It was a lovely spot. She looked very smart.

July 19 The Big Lunch

We braved the rain and got together with the neighbours for lunch on the field. It was great fun and it didn't really matter that it rained!

July 18 A Night Out

We had a night out in oxford with J & M. We started at Jamie's Italian - very yummy. Then we went to see Brief Encounter. It was amazing. It combined theatre and film very cleverly. A great night was had by all.

July 17 End of Term

The end of term at last. I will miss all the class as they move on to their next school. I had some very generous presents, including my mug above from my fav. coffee stop! Thank you Lily D.

July 16 A New Era

It was a sad day for us all. Pauline's retirement party. There were a lot of tears from us all. We are going to miss having her in school. What a fantastic cake. It was almost too good to cut.

July 15 Y6 Leaver's Party

It was Grace's leaver's party today. I could not believe how grown up they all looked. It seems like only seconds since they were all starting in Early Years. I took loads of pictures.

July 14 Reading Group

Primo Levi was the author this month. I couldn't really get into it. So I had not got very far. I will try and finish it. We all swapped books for summer reading.

July 13 Swine Flu

Yes it is here! We got letters home from school. It seems it is in every school in the town. We are not panicing. If we get it we are ready.

July 12 Cheese Scones & Pink Milk

There is no better way to celebrate a great report. All the kids got fabby reports. I am so proud of them.

July 11 Wadham Garden Party

I took advantage of the beautiful garden to take a few pics of the kids. When did 11 start looking so grown up?

July 10 Judgement Day!

The judges have been to see our Jungle Garden. They seemed to like it. They took lots of pictures, particularily of the crocodile. Everyone worked so hard to make it look fantastic. We look forward to knowing the results.

July 09 Carnival Craft Day

We spent the day making lots of stuff for our carnival float. These cats are going to be on dowelling for them to carry. We are doing "Puss in Boots".

July 08 " I am just waiting for a fire engine........."

Not the words you want to hear on the phone from your husband at 8.00am. On the way to work his car caught fire. Thank God he is fine and the stuff which got burned was just stuff. I gave him an extra big hug when I saw him. The car is a write off.

July 07 The Wizard of Blake

We went to the school production tonight. It was based on The Wizard of Oz and every child in the school, plus a few teachers, took part. It was fantastic and I did cry when Katie, my DD's friend, sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Grace was Mr Toad and Dunx was a panther.

July 06 I can read

My reading quest is going well. My pupil is making very good progress. These are all the words we have been working on.

July 05 Happy Birthday

Mark loved his birthday pressie. The other one was worn out. I look forward to it taking us lots of places.

July 04 Scrapbooking with my friends

This was my fav. layout of the day. I managed to do six!

July 03 - Stencilling

I have been very busy with the class stencilling a jungle on the canteen wall. We are getting there.

July 02 Bring Your Bear to School Day 2009

Ted got busy doing his spellings. I hope he does well on the test!

July 01 My Duty Day

I love ringing the bell at the end of breaktime. I know it is all a bit old-fashioned but I love tradtion.

June 30 Painting the Croc.

Doesn't he look good all painted up and varnished. Richard has been busy all day.

June 29 - The plants arrive

All the jungly plants have arrived. They look lush and smell divine. There is even a banana plant. The kids think we will be plucking fruit from it in Sept.

June 28 Garden Journal

I have been busy working on the journal that will go into the judging for the gardwn competition. I just need to add the photos of the finished garden.


jo said...

Fab pics - love the deckchair one. Glad your hubby is OK - what a scare.

deb said...

What an interesting month you have had Joy - what a great collection of photos. The car fire - oh dear. Your wedding anniversary - brilliant photo - my one of my cards for our anniversary looks very dull and boring - I may have to redo it - to something more romantic like yours!

Biskit said...

Great pictures. OMG on your husbands car. Glad to hear he's ok. Love your bear at school photo, and is the Sock Creatures book any good. I have a sock monster half finished but saw loads of creatures on someones else blog and soooo want to make some.

Coffeedoff said...

A great collection of photos. You had a very interesting and varied July!