Sunday, 4 April 2010

Taking Pictures

I have been very busy working hard to hone my photography skills. I have now done 2 terms of the class and I am happy to report that I have switched from the auto setting to the manual setting. Here are a few examples of the photographs I showed at my end of term exhibitions.

A natural still life on Porthgwidden beach, St. Ives, Cornwall.

My gorgeous daughter, Rosie.

A fantastic chandelier in a cafe at Borough Market.

Some lovely pencils at school.

Jake's size 11 army boot. He wasn't best pleased when I showed him what I had done with it!

Another portrait of Rosie with her rock chick look.
I love this one.

My gorgeous nieces.

My baby boy - Duncan.

A little bit of nature.
I can't wait to turn my camera on the sights of New York. I fly out on Friday and I can't wait.


Jools said...

Gorgeous photos Joy.

Love Rosie's button necklace too.

Joy said...

She made it herself Jools.